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  • But I still want to use Github Pages to host the generated html files (in the  Academic: the website designer for Hugo. 0 technologies by Italian firms, and to assess its potential impact on employment and wages in the labour market. I tried Hugo + Github pages, let’s go through the steps to get your markdown powered blog online. blog) repository on GitHub. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. The System Interrupt Me! blog is now built using Hugo and hosted using AWS Amplify. Though the theme was attractive and would have address issues I encountered with the Tufte theme, I wanted a less mainstream theme. In my artistic life, I explore the intersection of randomness and human proclivity towards pattern recognition. com/sourcethemes/academic-  25 Jan 2018 After I make updates, I push my changes to GitHub. Choose a beautiful color theme and build anything with the Page Builder - over 40 widgets, themes, and language packs included! Check out the latest demo of what you’ll get in less than 10 minutes, or view the showcase of personal, project, and business sites. For information about this blog see the introduction to Neurath’s boat. 6: February 7, 2020 # はじめに Hugoはいいぞ hugo-themeで一番人気のある**Academic**を使って カッコいいホームページ作ったので、設定のやり方とかを共有したいと思います。 作成したブログ https://max-blog. md no changes added to commit (use "git add" and/or "git commit -a") Commit this change and push to your remote repo on GitHub. For instructions about how to install Hugo on other operating systems, see install. && git commit… etc etc. /From other sources Git & GitHub repos RStudio and blogdown setup Customising paths and styles Modify config. Check out the latest demo of what you’ll get in less than 10 minutes or view the documentation. Developers share the new code in a Merge (Pull) Request. Git ships with a number of sample hook scripts in the repo Hugo Academic で個人ブログを始めました。 導入に至った過程や、セットアップ作業を時系列で記録しておきます。 静的サイトジェネレータの選定 2020 年になったし、個 Jun 30, 2018 · Requirements Additional Resources In RStudio Creating a blog post in Rmarkdown GitHub Account Requirements I strongly recommend R, Rstudio and Github. There’s not much you have to learn to get started. I become interested in computers when I was at elementary school. the deployed website) is a  git clone https://github. Run a Hugo Git. In my previous incarnation in academic research, I spent a lot of time teaching statistics, programming and practical data science to researchers at Yale University, New Haven, and the Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, where I was a postdoctoral fellow. brew install hugo Once hugo installation is complete, you can use the hugo command in 일단 Git Repository로 가서 zip으로 다운로드 받은 후 압축을 푼다. This can be done with simple git commands: cd /Git/[USERNAME]. I finally got everything moved over to blogdown with the Hugo Academic theme. When I was searching for Hugo themes used by websites created via blogdown, I noticed lots of individuals using the Academic theme. Source control is provided using AWS CodeCommit. Hugo a minimal academic page for hugo. Dec 29, 2019 · If you never use git before, here is a detailed tutorial about how to set up repository and clone it. I am a 2nd year PhD student under the supervision of Maarten de Rijke and Christof Monz at ILPS, University of Amsterdam. All contents of this site can be found in a git repository. Thanks so much to Allison Hill , who ran the summer-of-blogdown tutorial for us RStudio interns . This is the repository that will contain the fully rendered version of your Hugo website. Hugo. Feb 04, 2016 · Deploying a website with Git and Hugo (or any other static website generator for that matter) is easy. · Powered by the Academic theme for Hugo. toml에서 plugins_css = ["custom"]식으로 추가만 해주면 된다. url Switch to branch: git checkout branch_name Create a new branch and push to remote: git checkout -b new_branch_name git push -u origin new_branch_name Create a new branch and Apr 25, 2019 · I am always looking for motivated research assistants, and I was lucky to work with people who went on to other exciting opportunities after having worked for me (see below!). Hi, I’m Neal, an aspiring computer scientist studying at Stony Brook University. X that you wish to update to. com, and I've been using it for more than two years. Consistent, composable, and comprehensible scientific code. io # your path to the repo may be different git add . md git add file. The customization of Emacs as an alternative to Rstudio with ESS and Netlify offers a built-in authentication service called Identity. After Rstudio reopens, confirm that there is a Git tab in the environment pane (which for me, and I think by default, is in the upper right of the IDE) Step 3: synchronize with the github repo Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content. in Computer Technology. Code to import talks to Hugo Academic. It’s been a while since I started using git. I use macOS to run hugo. The example below uses the hugo-academic theme hosted at  After you have found a satisfactory theme, you need to figure out its GitHub Sophisticated themes: hugo-academic (strongly recommended for users in  Hugo Themes and Starters for JAMstack Sites. Jan 21, 2017 · When you first started with git, you quickly got up to speed with committing, pushing, pulling, merging, and the like. 18 Apr 2016 This is a brief guide to managing content with the Academic framework. Importing assets requires Academic v3+. In March 2015, GitLab acquired Gitorious, a competing Git hosting service. Visual interfaces for GIT can be helpful, and make many tasks easier. Create a beautifully simple and install Hugo · Fork the Academic Kickstart repository and clone your fork with Git: When I first started tinkering with Hugo for static website generation, I would find a Hugo theme that I like, cd into my themes directory and would simply git clone  13 Dec 2019 Create your own personal blog using Hugo Academic and Netlify . So my frustration is really about that, not really about the BFG. I’m currently working with the Istituto Nazionale per l’Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche (INAPP) to study the adoption of Industry 4. toml and modify baseurl as we did for Github above but with this netlify link. Feb 21, 2018 · . Typically you would give HEAD  . ) Objectives of this tutorial: Set up and install Git; Set up Git in RStudio Nov 02, 2019 · The website designer for Hugo. The GitHub workflow, scaled for the needs of students. The main reason is that it is simple. Mar 27, 2016 · What are Git hooks? Can you do anything useful with them? Also, since Git hooks come from Linux, is there anything special you need to do to get them working on Windows? What are Git hooks? Git hooks allow you to run custom scripts whenever certain important events occur in the Git life-cycle, such as committing, merging, and pushing. git add -A git commit -m "A commit from my local computer" git push This should look like: Since I did not use git clone to install the Hugo academic theme with R blogdown, and since I use my own git repository to manage the entire blogdown directory structure (which includes theme) it seems to be complicated to use git to update the academic theme as discussed here. It will ask you to initialize a new git repo and restart Rstudio. This quick start uses macOS in the examples. I created a separate git blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown 3. Git was built to work on the Linux kernel, meaning that it has had to effectively handle large repositories from day one. Mar 13, 2018 · script for importing publications from a "bibtex" file to a hugo-academic website - bibtex_2academic. My research centers on using deep learning to discover commonsense knowledge and simulate commonsense reasoning. I've always been an educator and an explainer. D. io GitHub repository. Or Amber Thomas’ post. 20. Sep 3, Powered by the Academic theme for Hugo. But it works for me and, because I’m generating a static website, it doesn’t really have any security consequences. I am an Astronomy PhD Candidate based at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Key features: Easily manage your homepage, blog posts, publications, talks, and projects Create a <YOUR-PROJECT> (e. 31) - This method no longer works for newer versions of Git for Windows as they have changed the version of Msys that is being used. 18 Aug 2017 Starting a Rmarkdown Blog with Bookdown + Hugo + Github. GitHub for your whole school, with everything you need to make it great. The website builder for Hugo. And all was well An updated tutorial to set up a blogdown blog Install Blogdown Install Hugo . Messages must be: written in the present tense; be brief (50 characters or less) when using -m git status → list staged, unstaged and untracked files Git. . git # make some changes using IDE to file. Dmitry Avtonomov's personal website. The biggest change was I had to commout my categories tag in my YAML post headers becuase they were causing the site Git and Github. github. Jan 20, 2019 · Firstly, I could not display full RSS feeds. Emacs for R and Git. I am a professor at the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Crete. support. See Alison Presmanes Hill’s post for detailed introduction to creating a blogdown site. Build and deploy a beautiful website in minutes! - gcushen/hugo-academic. ox-hugo-toc ul { list-style: none; } Table of Contents 1 Writing with Emacs Org publish 2 Writing with Hugo 2. Apr 17, 2019 · Create a free website with Academic using Markdown, Jupyter, or RStudio. Setup Academic Git Sync GitHub repository with existing R project Instructions (mostly for me) to create a GitHub repository for an existing R project, and then use Rstudio to manage version control. To specify a Hugo version greater or equal to 0. Continuous Integration (CI) works to integrate code provided by your team in a shared repository. Mainly because I didn't really have that much content to move over. For other approaches learning Hugo like book or a video tutorial refer to the external learning resources page. I’m also using the Academic theme of Hugo, so I need to pull this before building the content. First, let’s get hugo to local. Visualize o perfil de Hugo Martins no LinkedIn, a maior comunidade profissional do mundo. Apr 17, 2019 · Academic: the website builder for Hugo. Each time I wanted to deploy my site, I’d have to get on my laptop and hugo to build my site, then cd public/ && git add . Create a free website with Academic using Markdown, Jupyter, or RStudio. Key features: Easily manage your homepage, blog posts, publications, talks, and projects Configurable widgets available for Biography, Publications, Projects, News/Blog, Talks, and Contact Need a different section? Just use the Custom widget! Write in Academic personal pages. GitHub Classroom. このあたりの細かい作業が(Hugo初めてだったので)Hard-Codedになってしまったのは大いに反省なのだが、上に書いてあるフォルダ内のデータをいじれさえすれば、Academicのpostパターンを崩すことなくオリジナルのポートフォリオサイトが作成できる。 May 05, 2019 · Using git subtree to Install the Academic Theme for Hugo. Prerequisites: Download and install Git; Download and install Hugo Extended v0. Feb 18, 2017 · In which I describe a process where we start on Overleaf and set up an academic blog on Medium with references and all; you cannot format references in Medium to write academic papers. gitkeep files in any folder that is empty, as Git will ignore folders with no content. g. Dec 30, 2015 · Have you upgraded to the latest version of Git for Windows and found the default prompt to be a bit annoying with the new added and useless “MINGW32” or “MINGW64”? Perhaps you don’t like how it has the username@hostname or maybe just the color scheme. Users were encouraged to move to GitLab, and the Gitorious service was discontinued in June 2015. I've received two projects sharing some common code. git/ directory. Check out the latest demo of what you’ll get in less than 10 minutes. 3 GitHub Pages GitHub Pages ( https://pages. Create a <USERNAME>. 0. I have a few reasons for loving Hugo. STAT 545 @ The University of British Columbia. Apr 30, 2019 · So I kept things separated, with Hugo’s messy behind-the-scenes stuff in a local Git repository, and the generated public/ folder pushing to my GitHub Pages remote repository. Rsync is a widely used tool to keep copies of files on multiple computers the same. 20, you need to create an environment variable HUGO_VERSION on Netlify. To create your website with the Academic framework: Open your Console/Terminal app, navigate to your desired location using the cd command, and create a new website by cloning (or forking or downloading) the Academic Kickstart repository with Git: Sep 03, 2017 · The Academic framework enables you to easily create a beautifully simple personal or academic website using the Hugo static site generator. (The tutorial was originally created on GitHub and hosted here. com/gcushen/hugo-academic/)". Feb 17, 2019 · About. io website with the latest hugo_academic in RStudio (1. Customize anything on your site with widgets, themes, and language packs. In July 2015, the company raised an additional $1. There are lots of topics that interest me in the field of CS but I would have to say Systems C Programming and embedded systems are the most intriguing. Training to enrich the technology community at your school. Greg Wilson The main goal of this session is to show how researchers can use a system control version like Git through GitHub in order to improve how they keep different versions of their projects and papers. elections, election administration, public opinion, and representation. E. Minimal Requirements Here is the list of minimal requirements that you need to master in order to be able to work for me: Read The RA Philosphy by Gentzkow and Shapiro Unix shell: You need some basic unix at least to the Sep 22, 2018 · Deploying a Jekyll Website with Git hooks. Oct 13, 2019 · In this post, I will show how to write posts in my website in org with Hugo. Can you check ? Also, you may be interested in this resources because there was a bug with blogdown and academic teams Git Identities and Ssh 2017-10-09 3 min read Tools git , identities , ssh , config If you sometimes work on both personal and professional projects that are hosted on GitHub, chances are that you’d like to separate identities. This post has been edited to reflect that. Follow our easy step by step guide to learn how to build your own free website with Academic. After graduation, I hope to consult on diverse problems in a variety of fields/industries. Now, I am not able to add the themes folder to my online GitHub repo no matter what I fix. com/gcushen/hugo-academic. About me. Here are the resources I used when building the site Code to import talks to Hugo Academic. install on your computer using Git with the Mar 03, 2018 · Click SVN/Git tab and select git as the version control system. Here are some steps to containerize a blog using hugo + docker + kubernetes + quay. SageMath in Emacs. I use SourceTree because it's free, cross-platform, and works for both GIT and Mercurial (and I switch back and forth a lot). Resources for using Git and Github in academic research and teaching. The pages are created with Rmarkdown (. To use ox-hugo, I add the following lines in the my configuration 1. Biography. When a file is committed to a repository it stays in the repository’s history, and is uploaded to a remote repository even if you remove it in a subsequent commit. Secondly, the tags did not work. Here are the resources I used when building the site Yihui’s minimal theme for blogdown is wonderful but the Academic theme by G. credit: [**Academic**](https://github. md git commit -m " Important bcoz 🐛 " git push Exercises Get a local copy Here are some great resources to learn about the topics covered in STAT 545A and STAT 547M. Interests Multicellular simulation Dec 02, 2019 · The git add --all . Apr 21, 2015 · Just documenting some useful git commands that I use occasionally. Sep 22, 2018 Sep 25, 2019 · My music project that I started in high school, making tunes based on the fly based on feel rather than using traditional song writing. Composing a manuscript is nothing unlike developing a program. Feel free to open an issue and/or send a merge request if you would like to contribute! Deploying a Blogdown Website with GitLab Pages. Some IDEs integrate support for source I finally got everything moved over to blogdown with the Hugo Academic theme. e. We need to install the blogdown package and following by hugo (open-source static site generators). io, where <username> is your actual GitHub username. 1 settings for each section based on ox-hugo 3. Solution with subtrees The first solution Aug 18, 2017 · Updating the local git repository. This repository will contain Hugo’s content and other source files. Using SageMath in Emacs. When prompted, choose to deploy the master branch, and type hugo for build command and public for publish directory. This website is built using Hugo with the Academic Theme. 63. I'm new to git and would appreciate help with adding submodules. I’d like to note that the BFG actually does its job really well. zip css. Kent Peek is an IT professional with a passion for software development, architecture and team leadership. I am also a DOE NNSA Stewardship Science Graduate Fellow. packages("blogdown") blogdown::install_hugo() Choose a theme and find the link to the theme’s GitHub repository. R Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using Jan 08, 2020 · Hugo is a great tool to use if you want to start a blog. Jan 04, 2020 · git init → create an empty git repository in the current directory git add <file/dir> → stage file or direcotry for the next commit git add . 1 Sep 2019 George Cushen's Academic theme for Hugo is used to set the style, and The git command line utility, and SourceTree, are used for source  29 Aug 2018 One of the greatest and worst things with git is that you can rewrite the history. Know that you need Blogdown >= 0. Most of his programming is in JavaScript, but he also enjoys writing in Python, and sometimes Rust, Go, and C++. Netlify also supports multiple versions of Hugo, so the build command can be the default hugo. Jan 23, 2020 · Shell, git, and GitHub Wednesday, Jan 22 Learning objectives Version control with git and GitHub Best practices with git *NIX, bash, and the terminal Basic command line use git on the command line Materials Slides: HTML, Rmd Supplementary Getting Started Pro Git Git Basics Pro Git Git cheatsheet Happy Git and GitHub for the useR Lab 3 Friday, Jan 24 GitHub Aug 29, 2019 · GitHub organization page For more information on how we use github, see the GitHub tutorial in the how-to section. com Slack Community: Jan 05, 2018 · Note: after posting this, I heard back from Roberto Tyley, the creator of the BFG. Jan 13, 2018 · Academic is a framework to help you create a beautiful website quickly. 12. If multiple authors work on the same manuscript, git can be very helpful to avoid conflicts. I use a combination of Git and … Feb 17, 2019 · Emacs is really awesome git client, find out why. blogdown::hugo_version() Click Deploy; It will allocate you a random link. Easily create a beautiful website using Academic, Hugo, and Netlify - sourcethemes/academic-kickstart. The shared code was just copied into the two projects. A convenient solution would be to store the source code and the site together. Git References in a Nutshell. 22 Sep 2019 In this guide, I will discuss why you should also use Hugo, Github, and Netlify for your personal or academic website and cover how to install  7 Oct 2019 A quick gist on how to deploy your GitHub-hosted Hugo Academic webpage when the `public` directory (i. com Academia Hugo. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Setup Academic Sep 27, 2019 · Michael DeCrescenzo University of Wisconsin–Madison I am a doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where I develop and apply new Bayesian approaches to the study of U. upstream/master Then, upgrade by running: $ git pull upstream If you have modified files in themes/academic, git will attempt Oct 12, 2019 · git submodule update --remote --merge cd themes/academic git checkout <VERSION> where <VERSION> is the version in the form vX. Build a website in RStudio. Note that I don’t know if Hugo + Github pages is better than any alternative. 1 One of the objectives of the event was to encourage open-source contributor newbies (like me 😄) to gain some experience, namely through submitting pull requests to address issues with {tidyverse} packages. install on your computer using Git with the Ph. Personal website of Tony ElHabr. 17, which is too old, and we recommend that you use at least version 0. If you are the only author, git can help you to document what has Sep 14, 2019 · If you dont know your hugo version; on Rstudio > type. It lets you track who made changes to what and when, and it has options for easily updating a shared or public version of your code on GitHub. The blogdown package made the conversion fairly straighforward, but I still had to spend some time figuring out how to work with this Hugo theme. If you already created your site with Netlify, then skip this step; Clone your fork to your computer with Git, replacing sourcethemes in the command below with your GitHub username: Feb 01, 2020 · Download and extract Academic Kickstart; Download and extract the Academic theme files from the hugo-academic-master folder to the themes/academic/ folder in Academic Kickstart; Now you’re ready to personalize and view your site. So using homebrew to install hugo would be very convenient. I stole most of the material for this post from Ansible Apache API ARA CircleCI Cloud Files Cloud Native Code Community Cookiecutter DevOps DNS Docker DOxMX Email Exim Galaxy Git Go Hashicorp Hugo Kubernetes Let's Encrypt Linux LoadBalancer MacOS Molecule MySQL NAS Network Open Source Openstack Python Quay Rackspace Rackspace Public Cloud Ruckus Security SFTP Spamassassin SSH SSL Storage Jul 18, 2019 · Ben Gubler is a student interested in all things tech. Having a website with full RSS feeds is a prerequisite to be on r-bloggers. Also in the following reply to someone else on issue #534 he noted that it was only affecting blogdown users - so, once again, he thinks it's a blogdown issue. Content can include publications, projects, talks, and news/blog articles. curriculum engineering at scale. Happy git with R and RStudio Jenny Bryan, the STAT 545 TAs, Jim Hester Helps you set up some key Jun 12, 2017 · 2 Caveats, disclaimers, etc. GitHub Campus Program. Aug 19, 2016 · This tutorial in the context of the Reproducible Research Workshop provides you with the first steps on how to use Git with R and RStudio. Academic is a framework to help you create a beautiful website quickly. Aug 14, 2018 · This video covers what is hugo and how we can leverage hugo to generate a sample markdown based static site. I’ve googled two schemes. A personal academic website theme for Hugo. Otherwise, to update to the latest development version, substitute <VERSION> with master. Jan 20, 2020 · Biography. Donald Wunsch. Sep 14, 2019 · Academic: the website builder for Hugo. Key features: Easily manage various content including homepage, blog posts, publications, talks, and projects Hugo Academic. Best way to describe myself would be: a software engineer with a lot of hands on experience in mass-spectrometry (liquid and gas chromatography, ion mobility). git A thing you should know if you are using multiple email accounts with `git send-email` In some case, we need to send patches that made by other people instead. Here I’m going to explain all the steps I did in order to have my own website made with hugo, hosted in Firebase Biography. I am interested in ML and NLP, especially open-domain dialogue systems (chatbots 🤖). The default version is 0. I have updated my github. Git is a state-of-the-art version control system. Which Winch. Building Feiyun Room 516, Lanzhou University, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, China Aug 18, 2016 · This tutorial in the context of the Reproducible Research Workshop provides you with the first steps on how to use Git with the Eclipse IDE. I choose the Github pages to host the website and am using blogdown based on Hugo. Now, let’s switch to RStudio (a free IDE for R). OSX - install Git for Mac by downloading and running the installer or install homebrew and use it to install git via brew install git. 1+ Install: Fork the Academic Kickstart repository to create a new website. With Git, nearly all operations are performed locally, giving it a huge speed advantage on centralized systems that constantly have to communicate with a server somewhere. com ) is a very popular way to host static websites (especially those built with Jekyll), but its advantages are not obvious or appealing compared to Netlify. I wanted to start a blog about programming, keeping things very minimal, writing just markdown. UPDATE (2015. /From RStudio . Git commit and restart local server breaks site. Perfect for personal sites, blogs, or business/project sites. Dec 26, 2017 · Last week I was checking a talk on VIMEO about some iOS related stuff when I realized that the speaker had a website about him entirely made using markdown with HUGO, without any line of HTML, so some minutes after checking it out I had my conclusions and the results are obvious. Apr 19, 2019 1 min read Hugo. Within your project session, generate a new site. is saying that you want git to check all your current directory for changes and add them to the cache. md) with the R package knitr. Cushen provides several benefits, the main one for me being the site is essentially a better-looking electronic CV. 2. css)을 추가하고 params. Dec 15, 2017 · Choose the option to create a new site from git, and after loggining into your github account select the repository containing your website. Teacher training to master Git and GitHub Mar 01, 2019 · Hugo Academic 4. blogdown + hugo also makes it easy for me to add images and keep everything organized on a git repository from within RStudio. In my academic life, I work on a number of related problems in applied mathematics. This repository hosts the source code to build an academic personal page based on the academic theme for Hugo. This should start the deploy of your website. Before we can host static pages on the cloud, it’s better to run them locally. After you have read this guide about creating and managing content, you may also be interested to learn about writing content with Markdown, LaTeX, and Shortcodes. Hello, I am Xinyu(Azure) You, a software engineer and a growing data scientist. Package Install. Follow the Install with Git instructions above if you are confident with Git, or otherwise Install with Git. First of all, it is simple, boring, flexible, and fast. During this fully practical workshop we will review the usage of these tools from scratch. Posted by gcushen/hugo-academic · jpescador/hugo-future-imperfect and  5 Sep 2017 In part 2 we will create a GitHub repository and link it to our local repository, In part 1 we have installed the hugo-academic theme on top of R,  15 Dec 2017 The string we use for the theme is the github site where the theme is hosted. I am currently on a sabbatical. George Cushen’s Academic theme for Hugo is used to set the style, and the content is written using Markdown. cd ~/Downloads unzip rrssb-master. I will show you how you can change the prompt in Git for Windows very easily! The Git for Windows Bash prompt is set using a Nov 27, 2015 · The trick to deploying a stand-alone, hugo-generated site that will be hosted on a custom domain is that everything within public/ needs to be in its own repository, and that repository must be named <username>. This site was made in Rstudio using Hugo, blogdown, git, and netlify. The version control system helps to track changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. 5001). As a Certified Professional Scrum Master, public speaker and overall Agile & DevOps evangelist he enjoys helping teams realize their potential through improved process, technology, and effective management. Resources for numerical methods, programming, and computational economics. Jan 13, 2018 · Academic makes it easy to create a beautiful website for free using Markdown. Website: http://techprimers. This is the course website for the 2019-2020 edition of STAT 545A and STAT 547M, colloquially known as just “STAT 545”, delivered at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. I’m using it as a git submodule. It is recommended to have Git installed to run this tutorial. Git Objects in a Nutshell Install blogdown and Hugo; install. Feb 02, 2020 · Download and install Git; Download and install Hugo Extended v0. md. Not sure where the underlying problem is: git/GitHub desktop, Hugo blogdown or the academic theme issue. Powered by the Academic theme for Hugo. Adventurer of Computer-is-Fun Stuff BFG Repo-Cleaner is the best way to delete a large file from a git repository that you’ve already committed. install on your computer using Git with the You can use the GIT command line tools. Apr 19, 2019 · Hugo Academic Help. The ability to do GIT and Mercurial isn't so important for this class. Example Hugo site using GitLab Pages: https://pages. com/start/ deploy?repository=https://github. io/hugo Jul 14, 2018 · It probably started with my renaming the folder name from Hugo-academic to academic (back and forth) using RStudio+terminal. My research interests include theoretical and algorithmic aspects of finite fields, cryptography, coding theory and combinatorics. toml file Custom css Custom javascript MathJax Site build with blogdown Deploying the site Updating the local git repository Pushing to GitHub Add R code A new post in blogdown Deploying the site I have not been closely following Hugo releases, so it’s probably out of date. You have to go back to your config. GitHub Campus Experts. While it’s geared towards educators and researches, anyone can use it—and it comes with a variety of widgets and themes to help share your work quickly. Otherwise, if not using Git, backup your site prior to running this tool. git themes/academic. I am a Ph. install on your computer using Git with the Dec 28, 2019 · Git can help formatting and sending your patch files using SMTP. 5 million in seed funding. The owner was unable to replicate the issue using plain hugo and academic, so he suggested that it was a blogdown issue. # indexes all files that wil be added to the local repo git commit -m "Starting my Hugo blog" # adds all files to the local repo, with a commit message Academic Kickstart. Gitorious had at the time around 822,000 registered users. Rproj) and encourage you to use Git (via GitHub using RStudio) for version control. After this step you have to push changes to github from your local git. The transition was pretty seamless. Finally, I want to acknowledge my now eleven semesters’ worth of students in GIS as well as statistics, whose collective feedback and experiences have helped dramatically reshape the course content and how I Apr 20, 2016 · This is a brief guide to managing content with the Academic framework. Hugo theme based on GitHub's Primer CSS. Netlify has published a general Step-by-Step Guide for this, along with detailed guides for many popular static site generators, including Jekyll, Hugo, Hexo, Middleman, Gatsby, and more. Hence, I've used all May 05, 2019 · The git remote command creates a local reference to the hugo-academic theme repository. 1 architecture of the site 3 Settings for ox-hugo 3. git init If you’re not using the Victor Hugo template, then you may need to create . Key features: Designed for academic staff, students, or general personal use; Includes Biography, Publications, Projects, News/Blog, Teaching, and Contact widgets Oct 03, 2017 · echo "* Building the project" cd ${WEBSITE} rm -rvf ${WEBSITEPUBLIC} rm -rvf ${WEBSITEPUBLIC} git status git add -A git commit -m "Committing the (updated) source files. GitHub Campus Advisors. Aug 26, 2018 · I am professor of Education Technology and was for 13 years head of the Department of Interactive Media and Educational Technologies at Danube University Krems. student in ACIL at Missouri University of Science and Technology starting from Aug 2018, supervised by Prof. To host a site on GitHub user pages, its contents should be located on master branch of the reposotory username. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. Here's a sneaky way of abusing that, I can't think of a legitimate  Given one argument, reads which branch head the given symbolic ref refers to and outputs its path, relative to the . Jan 01, 2020 · 0x01 Get Hugo and the Academic theme to local. To have an example structure of a complete webpage, simply copy the exampleSite   13 Feb 2017 I tried to move from jekyll to hugo to enhance my personal website. Jan 20, 2019 · Secondly, the tags did not work. gitlab. He has mostly gained experience through expirimentation with several projects. If you installed by Git cloning hugo-academic Jereme Causing / Hugo Academic · GitLab GitLab. Rmd) files and converted to markdown (. I use Hugo myself for my blog, flaviocopes. But then you noticed a gaping hole in your knowledge - how do you find stuff in Git? Can you revert to a version of a file as it stood three weeks ago, or find out when a bug was introduced? Who was the last person to edit this file? They always tell you that the great thing Continuous Integration is built-in to GitLab. D student. Numerical Methods, Programming, and Computational Economics. If you already created your site with Netlify, then skip this step; Clone your fork to your computer with Git, replacing sourcethemes in the command below with your $ cd themes/academic $ git remote rename origin upstream To list available updates: $ cd themes/academic $ git fetch upstream $ git log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --decorate HEAD. I use ox-hugo, a org exporter backend that exports Org to Hugo-compatible Markdown. git bash If you are comfortable with git bash then you can use these commands to add changes, commit and push. Jan 16, 2019 · To get the most out of this workshop, we will typically work within RStudio Projects (. If you installed git using the package manager, you should install not only git package, but also git-email package. Set a hugo blog on Kubernetes. I got my bachelor degree at Huazhong Univerity of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. This list is hopefully being extended over time :-) Basic commands List all branches: git branch -a Get remote url: git config --get remote. It is considered a standard installed utility on most Linux distros today. X. origin. This post describes how you can use git to send email. Eclipse is heavily used to program in Java, as well as in other languages like C++, and even Python (via PyDev). I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the {tidyverse} Developer Day the day after rstudio::conf2019 officially wrapped up. Enable Identity and Git Gateway Jan 23, 2018 · Blog Tutorial using markdown, Github and Hugo Tue, Jan 23, 2018. BFG Repo-Cleaner is the best way to delete a large file from a git repository that you’ve already committed. (The following command assumes you are on macOS or Linux) May 08, 2018 · I posted this on the hugo-academic git repo in issue #534. Gonum is a set of packages designed to make writing numerical and scientific algorithms productive, performant, and scalable. I’m an engineer, dreamer, hacker, data scientist and technophile who enjoys performing in-depth research and analysis, as well as developing end-to-end solutions that drive Business Intelligence and Growth. Then head on over to the Quick Start guide or take a look at the Release Notes. S. Install with RStudio. GetPage for headless bundle. If you are using apt package manager, simply type $ sudo apt install git-email on the terminal. In order to use it, connect your site repo with Netlify. The common starting point is a locally functionining website, created with blogdown in RStudio (Hugo, Academic theme). 1. Hugo and ox-hugo. Git is fast. Bart de Bever is a software engineering student at Fontys in Eindhoven. Or how to use git subtree instead of git submodule May 5, 2019 4 min read administration. The source and rendered files for my website are available on GitHub: Public, rendered site: the public directory within my blogdown/Hugo project Sep 22, 2019 · Creating a personal academic website with Hugo Academic. Jan 09, 2020 · git. This theme is a fork of the Hugo Academic Theme, To setup your project with the Academia Hugo Theme, please read the original theme's documentation. 2 settings for each article based on ox-hugo 4 Settings for Hugo themes Right Now, I use two blog systems to post articles. I am a PhD student at the University of Washington in the Natural Language Processing Group advised by Professor Yejin Choi. This website itself is the product of Yihui Xie's work on the blogdown package for R as well as George Cushen's Academic theme for Hugo. Blogdown tutorial (Part 4) Part 1 of this tutorial explains how to install the hugo-academic theme on top of R, RStudio and blogdown. → stage all files git commit -m “<message>” commit the staged changes with the message provided. Mar 20, 2019 · to update what will be committed) (use "git checkout -- <file>" to discard changes in working directory) modified: README. My Life motto is: to create, to experience. R for Data Science (aka “r4ds”) Garrett Grolemund, Hadley Wickham Closely mirrors the topics of this course, especially STAT 545A, making this book a good alternative to the main textbook for the course. Writing hugo post in Emacs org. However, instead of replacing the current website I get YAML syntax… Biography. Sep 27, 2019 · Support and discussion about the Hugo static site builder. In this case themes aren’t quite as easy to change as with basic R Markdown websites, so choose carefully. Perfect for personal, student, or academic websites. I’m a research fellow and recent PhD graduate at the Institute of Economics of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies. Apr 20, 2016 · The Academic framework enables you to easily create a beautifully simple personal or academic website using the Hugo static site generator. git clone <YOUR-PROJECT-URL> && cd <YOUR-PROJECT> Jun 27, 2018 · As an academic, it was natural to use the Academic theme. The git subree command clones the master branch of this repository under the themes/academic directory while squashing all commits (I am not interested in the commit details of the upstream repository). git send-email command can know this situation by itself by comparing the commit author information and mail sender's information. Academic theme을 사용중인데, assets/css 디렉토리(없으면 만들어야 함)에 css 파일(예를 들어 custom. I was mostly really frustrated about how Git/GitHub doesn’t prevent a user from doing something that’s hard to undo. Here is one… January 25, 2018 Automating the deployment of your static site with Hugo and GitHub Before I made the switch to a static website, one of the things that really stopped me from trying it was the deployment process. My server pulls the latest version of my site from GitHub, runs a Hugo build, and moves  3 Sep 2017 The Academic framework enables you to easily create a beautifully git clone https://github. git clone https://url/repo. io. Oct 16, 2017 · Biography. Sep 21, 2016 · cd /PATH/TO/hugo Initialize the local directory as a Git repository. What is the best app M. 55 - I don't know your version but it may be related. Visualize o perfil completo no LinkedIn e descubra as conexões de Hugo e Create an account or log into Facebook. " git push origin master hugo # if using a theme, replace by `hugo -t <yourtheme>` ### Depending on your needs, you can create a LICENSE file and README. May 17, 2017 · Create a Free Personal Academic Website with Hugo All of the articles and discussions were enlightening, and helped me arrive at what I believe to be the simplest way to deploy a Hugo-generated website on GitHub Pages, at least for me. Even with all the great resources I listed above, getting myself up and running took a few tries, so in this post I’m passing along what ended up working for me. Hugo tem 2 empregos no perfil. Academic is a project that helps you put together a website with Markdown and Hugo. git academic hugo